Seed money contribution, any amount not to exceed $170

Why WRITE IN Jim O'Connor?

We Need Jim O'Connor

Very unusual circumstances: our State Supreme Court removed all but 2 republicans from the ballot in a race for 3 open seats on our Corporation Commission, due to a democrat challenge to nominating petition signatures. Our state statutes do not allow any removed candidates to run in that same race as a “write-in” candidate. Jim O’Connor had been drafted by current elected Commissioner Justin Olson and newly elected national Committeeman Tyler Bowyer to run as a write-in for this race.

Their call came because O’Connor was a candidate in that same race in 2018 with 2 open seats, and he finished a strong 3rd with almost 207,000 votes in the primary. As a Clean Elections Candidate, he met the petition signature requirements, and qualified for the Clean Elections funding of $109,000.00. Rodney Glassman finished 2nd having run with traditional private funding. Unfortunately, Glassman lost in the General to the democrat.

What is at risk in this election is a potential turnover of control of the 5-member board to the democrats. Should Republicans fail to field the write-in candidate, they will be gifting the democrats a free additional seat. So ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS, REPUBLICAN PC’s, POLITICAL ACTIVISTS, TEA PARTY PATRIOTS & REPUBLICAN CLUB MEMBERS are asked to vigorously support: LEA MARQUEZ PETERSON, currently appointed Commissioner having served for a full year; ERIC SLOAN, the other successful candidate who was alone in surviving the democrat signature challenge; and JIM O’CONNOR as the “WRITE-IN” candidate.

All three are Clean Election candidates under Arizona’s Clean Election laws, and as such must collect 1,800 individual $5.00 contributions from Arizona voters registered under any political party (funding is entirely non-partisan). This is a herculean task and they have a little over 30 days remaining to get this accomplished.

ALL REPUBLICANS ARE NEEDED to go online to the Secretary of State’s website and donate $5.00 to each of the three campaigns separately through Paypal. Then have your friends, spouses, voting age children do the same. After that: “VOTE LEA, VOTE ERIC & WRITE-IN JIM O’CONNOR”.